Important Updates

The Banner Cloud Migration project is complete!

What does this mean for you?

  • Banner, Degree Works, and eServices are now available and accessible. 
  • The Reporting Center and SAS services are now available and accessible.
  • Please note that the links used to access all Banner-related services have changed. Visit the Banner Cloud Migration Links page for updated links. 

To learn more about the Banner ERP Cloud Migration, visit Banner Cloud Migration Project Page.


Our Services at a Glance...


eServices provides access to Ellucian Banner Self-Service 9 applications for university students, faculty, and staff. It also includes direct access to related systems such as Degree Works and the Navigate platform.

To access eServices, visit:

Banner Admin Pages

Ellucian Banner Administration Pages is an administrative user interface used to access the Banner system for day-to-day business. Access to Banner Admin Pages must be requested and approved.

To access Banner Admin Pages, visit:

VCU Reporting Center

VCU Reporting Center provides access to SAS reports developed using SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence, including the Information Delivery Portal, Web Report Studio, Enterprise Guide, OLAP Server, Microsoft Office Integration, and Metadata Management. 

To access VCU Reporting Center, visit:
VCU Reporting Center

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Ellucian Banner Operational Data Store (ODS) provides access to Banner data using user-friendly data marts to deliver decision-support information.

SAS Visual Analytics and SAS Enterprise Guide are business intelligence, analytics, and reporting tools that provide direct access to institutional data sources, such as Ellucian Banner and the Operational Data Store. 

To learn more, visit: